5 Benefits of Using Reusable Makeup Remover Pads on the Road

Author: BuyEcoWise   Date Posted:24 July 2021 

Over the past decade, a 700% increase in the number of wet wipes washing up on beaches has caused havoc on ecosystems worldwide.

We know that plastic pollution is detrimental to our oceans and the environment. But did you know that makeup wipes are one of the leading causes of plastic pollution? 

Makeup wipes that get flushed down the toilet end up in rivers and get washed into our oceans. 

How can you help reduce this influx of pollution with your daily skincare routine? By using reusable makeup remover pads. 

Here are five reasons why switching to reusable is great, especially when you are travelling 

1. Reusable Makeup Remover Pads Are Cheaper 

Disposable makeup wipes are expensive. With an average packet of wipes costing $5-$8, the cost soon mounts up. Some packets of premium wipes can cost as much as $14.

In one makeup cleaning session, you probably use one to three wipes. That's a lot of money over the course of a year.

Why use reusable makeup remover pads? Because they can make you big savings. You buy them once, and that's all you pay for years; they can last for thousands of washes. 

Reusable pads will last you years; forget about spending money each month on disposable wipes. 

2. You Won't Run Out When You're Travelling 

Imagine being on the road in the middle of nowhere, kilometres away from the nearest shop. How annoying would it be to run out of something you urgently need?

Using reusable makeup remover pads when travelling means you will never encounter this problem! You'll always have a safe and comfortable way to remove your makeup. 

No more scrabbling around to find tissues to take off your makeup after using your last disposable wipe.

3. They Are Better For The Environment 

We already mentioned that disposable wipes cause environmental pollution.

Those disposable wipes that don't end up in the ocean end up in landfills where they take over 100 years to degrade. 

Imagine using something every day that will still be on the planet after you're gone.

What's more, wet wipes end up clogging up our sewage systems when they are flushed. In the space of two years, the Sydney wastewater system had to remove 1000 tonnes of wet wipes. Wipes also cause 75% of sewage blockages. 

The cotton used to make disposable makeup wipes can also be detrimental to the environment as it requires a lot of water for production and harmful pesticides. These pesticides can end up running off the land and contaminating local water supplies.

Reusable reduce single-use makeup products and are a much better option for protecting the environment. 

Bamboo reusable makeup remover pads, for example, are an even more environmentally friendly choice, as bamboo is a sustainable material. 

4. Better For Your Skin

Disposable wipes are often full of preservatives and other nasties that can be damaging to your skin. Single-use wipes can cause you to experience stinging, itchiness and dryness on your skin. These products are full of unhealthy chemicals that may cause your skin more harm than good.

Single-use wipes often don't cleanse your skin very well either. Wiping bacteria and dirt around your face can lead to clogged pores and breakouts. 

Many disposable makeup pads are also made with plastics; you're essentially wiping a piece of plastic all over your face. Wouldn't you rather use gentle, soft cotton reusable makeup remover pads?

When you use reusable makeup pads, you can rinse the dirt off the pad with warm water and use it repeatedly. Microfiber reusable makeup remover pads and bamboo pads can clean the dirt out from deep in your pores. 

5. They Are Light Weight

Who wants to lug around a few packets of bulky makeup wipes when they travel? 

When you travel with reusable make-up pads, you can reduce the weight of your luggage. 

Reusable pads also come in a little cotton bag, which helps ensure you don't lose the pads while travelling. You can also use this bag to put the reusable pads in the washing machine. 

How to Take Care of Reusable Makeup Pads

To get the maximum number of uses from your reusable pads, you need to take good care of them! This is simple. 

You throw your used pads into the washing machine with the rest of your laundry. 

Immediately after using and before you wash them in the machine, you can always rinse the dirt off the pads with warm water and soap. This will reduce the likelihood of your pads getting stained permanently by your makeup.

Do Reusable Makeup Pads Work For Everything?

Yes! You can use reusable pads for taking off mascara or applying your cleanser and toner. They can even be used to remove nail polish. 

They are versatile, and good quality pads won't stain; they'll look good as new after washing. 

The pads are gentle on your skin and perfect for use on sensitive areas such as around the eyes. 

Don't Forget to Pack Your Reusables

Next time you take a trip, don't forget to throw in your reusable makeup remover pads. 

Reusables are the best option for protecting the environment. How good will it feel not to pollute the water systems and oceans around the place you're visiting? Travel with a light bag and a light conscious!

Your skin will thank you too. No more plastic on your face causing irritation. You can enjoy your travels with a beautiful complexion. 

Reusable makeup pads aren't just for travelling either; you can add them into your regular skincare routine at home too. 

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